OMG Raw Lasagna! Living Light Diary Day 10

We learned how to make raw lasagna today and it was wonderful! It even had a crispy, cheesy crust on the top.

Now, I’ve made raw lasagna before but it never really behaves like the real thing. For those who haven’t had it, raw lasagna is made with thinly sliced zucchini as a stand-in for pasta. It looks pretty good in the pan but terrible on the plate. It just sorta slides apart.
Within seconds, it’s just a pile of soggy zucchini and marinara. Well, now I know why and -even better- I know what to do about it.

First we must address the zucchini “pasta.” Zucchini has a lot of water in it and that water wants to come out. All that zucchini juice is one reason your lasagna becomes a sloppy, soupy mess. The remedy is to force the water out of the zucchini before it goes into the pan.

Here’s how. Line a shallow pan with a tea towel. Place the zucchini noodles on the towel and sprinkle them with salt. This will cause them to sweat and release water. After about 30 minutes, dry them off and they’ll be ready to use.

There’s lots of water in tomatoes and that can add to the soupy factor, too. To overcome this, put your sauce in a colander and let it drain for a while.

Finally, you need the right pan. The typical lasagna pan holds liquid in. You need a pan that will let liquid out. A springform pan will do the trick. We used one that had a trough around the bottom to collect the water as it drains out of the lasagna.

If you can’t find a pan with a trough, like the one pictured above, flip the bottom of a regular springform pan so the lip faces down. Then put your lasagna on a tray, or something that will catch the water as it drains, when you put it in the dehydrator.

Try these tips the next time you make raw lasagna!


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