Living Light Diary Day 7

We passed the first milestone on our way to becoming chefs today.

We have completed Fundamentals of Raw Living Foods, Knife Skills and the Essentials of Raw Culinary Arts. We passed our first big exam and have all moved on to Raw Culinary Arts Associate Chef and Instructor Certification Training.

We have learned a lot  including how to filet a bell pepper. Who know that was even possible?

We can julienne, chiffonade and micro dice. We’re not ready for Benihana but we’re getting there.

We can make milk and cheese out of almonds, crackers out of flax seeds,  noodles out of zucchini, rice out of cabbage and ice cream out of cashews. We have even learned how to develop our own recipes.

It’s amazing how much we have learned in so short a time. We do work hard though. We are in school for 9 hours a day and have a couple hours of homework each night. This program is  as rigorous as it is fun.


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