Living Light Diary Day 5

When broccoli is steamed, some of its enzymes are converted into different enzymes that help to prevent cancer. Who knew! Today we had a great lecture on fruits and veggies. I have been a vegetarian for almost 40 years and I heard things about some of my favorite vegetables that I didn’t know.

Speaking veggies,we learned how to use them to make a great wrap, kind of like a tortilla. Since they are made of raw vegetables, they are high in nutrition but low in calories.

To make the wraps, we mixed zucchini and bell peppers up in the blender with a few other things and made a batter. We poured it out onto sheets of teflex and shaped in into perfect circles with a spatula. This took a while…a long while. Then they wraps went into the dehydrator and when they came out used them for lunch (see them above).

Sunflower Sprouts

Sunflower Sprouts

Our sprout project is in full swing now. We planted our sunflower and wheat berry sprouts today. The wheat berries will become wheat grass. We planted them on a soil filled cafeteria tray and covered them with another tray (inverted). Eventually the shoots will push the top tray up.That’s when we will remove it and give them some sun.

It is very quick and easy to grow sunflower sprouts as well. In about a week and-a-half you have a nice crop. Growing them in your kitchen sure beats paying $15 a pound at the market. They are really cute, too.

After our gardening session, we were treated to an Ice Cream Social. We made our own ice cream out of frozen bananas using a juicer. It was very tasty with raw chocolate sauce…a sweet way to end the day.

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