Living Light Diary Day 4

Today was all about flavor and developing our palate. We were given 36 small samples of foods in categories that make up the “choir of flavors” – sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent and fat. The concept is that well balanced dish will have all of these tastes. They should be pretty subtle on their own but together create “one harmonic chord.”

We used our small samples to attempt to create a palate pleasing hit. I had a lot of fun but I didn’t create the next pesto. Making a flavor profile that sings is muuuuuuch easier said then done.

Luckily, the day didn’t end there. In the afternoon we made the amazing dessert in the photo* above, raw Cinnamon Apple Torte as well as raw Pesto and Marinara sauce. We even made raw pasta from zucchini.

To make the pasta, we used a tool called a Sparooli. It turns a simple squash into an amazing string about the diameter of spaghetti and 15 feet long. Try rolling that up on your spoon!

Here are some photos of my day.

*Apple Cinnamon Torte photo by my classmate, Adrian Parks.

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