Living Light Diary Day 3 -The Essentials of Raw Food

Now we’re cookin’.. sort of. Anyway, today we got our hands on food!
We began preparing recipes – a lot of recipes. We made granola, soup, sauerkraut, cheese, crackers, and chocolate-cherry brownies – all raw versions of course. And all before lunch.

After lunch, we got to practice our knife skills making sushi. We cut paper thin slices of
cucumber, carrot, bell pepper, green onions and…a few fingers. We are like junior samurai now. We are wielding sharp professional knives and we have just enough skill to be dangerous.

My favorite dish had to be the brownies. They taste like the real thing. Chocolatey, gooey and totally good for you, these things are the bomb. Cheese made from almonds was a close second. Dairy free cheese that doesn’t taste like an eraser! What’s not to like?

I embraced my inner gardener today and began growing my own sprouts.
They are in the dish rack right now waiting for a rinse.

Here’s a look at how the day went:

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