How I Went From Television Executive to Raw Food Chef

Raw Food Chef, Becca King Reed What’s your raw food journey? Adopting a raw food diet really is a journey and it can take some time.
Once your well into the transition, it’s fun to look back on path you’ve traveled. I did this recently with Ruth Copland on her radio show, “A Question of Balance.” You can hear my story here: I am the second guest at about 58 minutes into the broadcast.

I’d love to hear where you on your raw food journey. Where ever you are, you are doing your body and the planet good!

Leave a comment and let me know if you are:
A) an Omnivore adding in more raw recipes
B) a Vegetarian adding in more raw recipes
C) a Vegan adding in more raw recipes
D) a Vegan 50% raw
E) a Vegan 75% raw
F) a Vegan 100% Raw

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